Some kind words from my Collectors.

Candice Irwin:

Raquel’s work was the absolute perfect gift for my husband and a beautiful addition to our home. When I saw pictures of the painting I purchased I was instantly struct by how well she captured the emotions of the location she painted. The piece depicts a place we have visited before so it was exciting to find artwork that captured the feelings of that trip while still highlighting the unique perspective of Raquel’s experience in the location. The icing on the cake is that the piece is even more amazing in person. Everyone who sees it is blown away by the vibrancy and detail of the work. Thank you Raquel!

Painting of Ha Long Bay


Mark Mattina:

As an early patron of Ms. Aurini's work, it has been an extraordinary pleasure to watch her develop from her abstract beginnings. Her command of space and colour, which I have admired so much have been fixtures on my walls and made for many great gifts. It is remarkable to see her progression to landscapes where her use of colour is masterful and evocative, combined with the nuances of her abstract roots.

Abstract artwork by Raquel Aurini


Janet Hendry-Vardy

I am very excited to give the Lake St. Nora prints to my sisters for Christmas - it reminds me so much of a little island on the lake we cottage on. It’s a special little spot where we have picnic lunches and roast hot dogs over a campfire. The island is even named “hot dog island” for that reason . Your beautiful artwork definitely brings up feelings of childhood nostalgia and my love of Ontario lakes. I can hardly wait to open them 

Drawing of a small island on Ontario lake

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