Upcoming Shows & News

Colour and Form Society Group Show
Colour and Form Society at Neilson Park Creative Centre in Toronto


Exhibition Dates: March 5–23rd
Opening Reception: Sat March 9, 1 to 4pm
Gallery Location: Neilson Park Creative Centre. 65 Neilson Dr. Toronto
Gallery Hours: Monday–Sunday 9am to 4:30pm

I'll be showing my "Off the Deep End" painting. When I travel I take tons of photos of...everything I find interesting. Things, places, scenes, landscape, flowers, you get it. This particular seen was taken from my hotel room looking down at the shared pool. 

Do I find the beach boring? Well, I'm usually in the water. 


Pi Art Squared 2024 Show

This is my third time in this show. I always love walking in at the opening and seeing walls and walls of these incredible round paintings. 

Pi Art Squared 2024 Show



My oil painting in the show entitled: "Cafe Society"

"Cafe Society" a cityscape oil painting that will be available to purchase at the Pi Art Square Show, this March 14
Colourful artwork with yellows, pinks, and greens.

See my "Lisbon Sunshine" painting and more in person at Lush and Found in Oakwood Village. Address: 376 Oakwood Ave, Toronto ON.

Artists’ Network’s 2020 Commemorative Art Book:

This book celebrates members of the Artists’ Network, giving us a glimpse of their work and the activities of the organization.

The Artist Network 2020 Commemorative Art Book

The Artists' Network, is a group I'm a member of that provides education and show opportunities to artists. It's been such a valuable resource for my learning that I volunteer my time. 

This beautiful Art book features so many great artists and their work (including me), perfect for anyone interested in adding to their art collection. You can order the book HERE.