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Lately, I've been changing up my subject matter. I'm still all about travel and a glorious view, but I want to take you to more of what I see and experience. 

If any of these images touches you, send me a email and say hi!

Colourful Lanterns in Hoi An
Bridge Bar in Valetta, Malta. A scene of people enjoying a romantic night at a restaurant
Strait street in Valetta, pull up an empty seat and enjoy the view
Empty chairs and table with a beautiful view of the street in Valetta, at Cafe Society
The Beach is Boring, image of a pool surrounded by a tropical garden


Colourful artwork with yellows, pinks, and greens.

See my "Lisbon Sunshine" painting and more in person at Lush and Found in Oakwood Village. Address: 376 Oakwood Ave, Toronto ON.

Artists’ Network’s 2020 Commemorative Art Book:

This book celebrates members of the Artists’ Network, giving us a glimpse of their work and the activities of the organization.

The Artist Network 2020 Commemorative Art Book

The Artists' Network, is a group I'm a member of that provides education and show opportunities to artists. It's been such a valuable resource for my learning that I volunteer my time. 

This beautiful Art book features so many great artists and their work (including me), perfect for anyone interested in adding to their art collection. You can order the book HERE.