My Covid Life

Making the best of it in our tiki hut

On this day last year, I was flying to St. Lucia for my annual birthday in the sun trip. What a difference a year can make. But, I've been trying to make the best of it and make my own magic.

In the summer, it was obviously easier. We could still camp, rent a cottage, go to patios. My husband Ryan and I have amazing neighbours with who we've made friends, and from late Spring to September, we had weekly movie nights on our patio. These were socially distanced, of course. I have a giant screen and projector and am lucky to have a great outdoor space.

Come Fall, we knew that winter would be a challenge. It's a challenge in non-plague years! So in trying to focus on the happy place spirit, Ryan and I built this outdoor room. Ok, it's not really a room. It is a garage tent. But I decorated it to remind me of tropical times, it has a heater, and it's making us happy. I'm just grateful to have another space to hang out in.

Tiki Hut my new bar away from bars
The family

I'm crossing my fingers we'll be done with Covid soon. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay at home.


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