Head in a Jar Tutorial

I know Halloween isn't an actual holiday, but it is my favourite holiday. I'm a big fan of scaring people and being scared. Horror movies, ghost stories–bring it on.

I want to share with you a tutorial for a Halloween Prank. The decapitated head in a jar. I did this years ago, and my source was online, and I don't remember the link, but it's easy.

Here are thead in a jar tutorial for Halloweenhe steps:

1. Scan someone's head with a photocopier. A larger scanner may also work. You want the image to be as life-sized as possible. 

2. Make sure the background in the photo is as dark as possible. You may need some basic photo editing skills.

3. Print the photo out on 11x17 paper. Make sure the image is printed as borderless or cut to make it so.

4. Laminate it!

5. Roll the laminated image and place it into a lidded glass jar.

6. Pour in some dark liquid. I used tea or coffee. 



Head in a jar in a fridge, Halloween

The above head is of my dear husband. I've been contemplating making that into a lamp. 

The second jar is my bud Yilma. We did this for a work prank years ago. I placed it in the communal refrigerator at the office and got so much joy surprising the coworkers.

Yilma's jar was a drink Drink Dispenser, which could be an excellent idea for a Halloween party cocktail.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Feel free to email or comment with any questions or ideas of your own.

Happy Halloween!

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