Goodbye Comfort Zone

Hello Riverdale Artwalk.

For this next month, I will be focusing all of my attention on getting ready for this art exhibition. The first and last time I was at this event was in 2019, and it was extraordinary meeting you who came out, friends and family who are there to support, not to mention my fellow artists.

Due to Covid, the 2020 art exhibition was cancelled, and the online Riverdale Artwalk was born. In 2021, I chose to partake in the online-only portion only.

Part of me, I must say, is not looking forward to it. I'm going to be open with you. I have social anxiety, and mixed with introversion is not the best combo for two whole days of talking to people. I will need a sensory deprivation tank after the show.  

Though this won't be the easiest thing for me to do, I know that getting out of your comfort zone is essential in life. And hell, the last time I did this in 2019, I found it easier than I thought it would be. It's mainly the anticipation that gets the nerves up—Shush head.

I am looking forward to showing the work I've been doing for the past couple of years. Not being able to travel and being cooped up at home, I lived through these landscapes I painted. As lovely as it is at home in my studio, part of being an artist is showing the work. And I hope you come to see it and like it.

The Riverdale Artwalk art exhibition in Toronto

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