To Frame or Not to Frame

Framing is something I'd love to learn how to do. Maybe one day I'll make my frames. I've seen some super cool frames, which are art pieces. Such as the below image. 

Last year, a collector and friend, Micheal De Boer, made this frame for a painting he bought from me. Wood and mirror, it's incredible. I was blown away that he created something so special for my art.

Artwork by Raquel Aurini and picture frame by Michael De Boer

With most of my paintings, I extend the image to the edges so they don't need to be framed. The painted sides also give the work a little more dimension. My canvases are already wired and ready to hang.

However, my new gesture panel paintings series are not ready to hang. They will happily be propped against a wall but otherwise will require a frame. As so, I'd like to provide some resources I have found online. 

Frames for panel paintings: 

More to come!



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