A Room with a Painted View

An interesting thing I’ve learned recently, we all know the benefits of being in nature and how it can heal the mind, soul and body. But even looking at a picture of nature can induce emotions of calmness. I heard this while listening to Ethan Kross’s audiobook “Chatter,” and I wondered if that was the same for paintings of landscapes. My google search found this article on the research of Ph.D. student Bridgette Minuzzo who found that:

Restful landscapes offer office workers a chance to be “mentally out in nature, which has a calming And relaxing effect” What’s more, viewing the art activates other areas of the brain, stimulating imaginative and creative thinking, Minuzzo’s studies showed.

Cool eh?
My dining room with a lot of painted views.
As a landscape painter it’s my hope that viewers will feel a sense of calm. It’s of course hard to know how anyone will react to my work, especially when a pandemic hits just as you’re finally ready to get out of your comfort zone and show more in person. Sigh, with most of last year’s shows being online, you don’t get that same connection. So, if you see my work, please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

To read more on Bridgette Minuzzo’s research, check out her website here.

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